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Start the environment.

docker-compose up -d

Attach to the container in VSCode.

Make your terminal work for you


I am a web developer and I use docker-compose in all of my projects. Sometimes it is just one container for the frontend part of the app, sometimes it is the whole stack: client, api, database, proxy server.

I recently started using WSL2 as the backend of the Docker for Windows service, and for performance reasons I keep my projects on the Ubuntu VM. This means that I do the command line work in Ubuntu’s terminal, which uses Bash.

If you are curious as to why I am using Docker everywhere, check out my article about the pros of using…

I have been developing React apps in Docker for a few years now, and so far nothing was able to stop me from containerizing every project I get started with.

This article is perfect for you if you read about containers or already started playing around with them, but you are not yet sold on the idea of using them as a development environment. If you have no idea what a container is, check out the links at the bottom.

This is more of a “meta” writing about container based development, not a guide on getting started with it. …

Dániel Gál

React Developer, frontend enthusiast, student

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